Jennifer was born the military daughter of a soldier and a student nurse — one wanted to be a fighter pilot and the other a veterinarian. Further, a tornado hit the hospital that day. On the subject of this triple pedigree some say the fruit falls not far from the tree.

Writing is her primary passion and the one she’s tended to neglect the most until now. Over the years she’s trained dogs, made poems, lived in more houses than she can remember, observed things, wrestled with herself, taught some, learned much, fed ravens, played cello, gotten frequently lost, and recovered from the dot-com bust and from a string of cubicle farms to go tentatively freelance. She has somewhat strange ideas about how to eat and what constitutes a healthy outlook on life.

InkSeeds is her creative writing blog, a personal pact of abundance made public. May contain poetry, mossy verges and other natural wonders.

1 Response to About

  1. Kim Nelson says:

    I cannot wait to see the stains your ink-work leaves behind!

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